Life Coaching

Life coaching is a connection and a conversation.

As a Life Coach I am on a mission to assist people in the relentless pursuit of an authentic life.  Sounds lofty doesn’t it.  It is pretty simple really.  It is all about asking questions.

Is your life in transition?  Did you experience a major life changing event?  Are you wondering which road to travel?  Are you even looking at a map?  Life Coaching can be a way and method to help you navigate and even discover a new path.

What coaching is NOT:  It is not counselling; we do not talk about the past – we talk in terms of the present and the future.  The past may come up as a base point; but we are always focused on what we can control.  A Life Coach is like a co-pilot or a navigator.  You are the driver, I am here to guide and assist, clarify and challenge you.  

Ramona is currently not accepting coaching clients at this time. 

Black & white photo credit: Thomas Wildeman

Ramona's coaching is just what I needed to propel me into creating more success in my life & business. Thank you Ramona!! - Dale W.