About Ramona

Ramona is a Certified Life Coach with a Bachelor of Arts and a myriad of life experiences. At one point in her academic life she studied philosophy and medieval women’s studies with the end goal of becoming a nun. Her greatest achievements include raising two readers, a ridiculously good poppy seed sour cream layer cake and most recently reaching the summit of Gros Morne in Newfoundland Labrador. She believes it is essential to have a team in your corner and that silence fuels the soul just as much as rocking out to a good tune.

Throughout all her jobs and roles in the world, Ramona believed there was something just out of reach ….personal freedom and relentlessly striving to live the most authentic life possible. She became a life coach so she could assist others in finding their own path to their own most authentic life. If you are find yourself at a crossroad and considering making a change, or if your life has taken an unpredictable turn and you want to consider your next steps, give Ramona a call or email her to see if Life Coaching is something that might benefit you.

** Black and White photo by Victoria Jordan