Remembering 2021 – Dec.10

A list about me:

  1. I started a new job this year
  2. i am the mother of twins
  3. I am married to a teacher
  4. i have a degree in Philosophy
  5. and medieval women studies
  6. I stopped dyeing my roots
  7. I am a big fan of flavoured soda water
  8. I still drink winter ale
  9. and red wine
  10. and I am intentional about alcohol
  11. I live in blundstones and wool socks in the winter and
  12. bare feet in the spring and summer
  13. I can barely knit and crochet
  14. I know how to sew
  15. I bake an excellent poppyseed sour cream cake
  16. and gingerbread
  17. I have two sisters
  18. I am the eldest
  19. I thought I was going to[ be a nun
  20. I have a pierced nose
  21. I am passionate about independent journalism
  22. I am a settler on unceded lands
  23. I love to read
  24. and write
  25. I am a photographer
  26. and storyteller
  27. I love sales
  28. I wrote a book this year
  29. I love herons
  30. and 7 minute eggs
  31. i have an intolerance to wheat
  32. I love jigsaw puzzles
  33. and mint tea
  34. I drink my coffee black
  35. I love twinkle lights
  36. and a christmas tree of white lights
  37. anticipation is often better than the event
  38. skinny crust pizza and
  39. laughing with my daughter
  40. addiction is a thing and so is
  41. climate anxiety
  42. I live with a cat and a dog
  43. both of which belong to my aforementioned twins
  44. I am a big fan of chucks and docs
  45. and silence
  46. I love music
  47. I am an empath
  48. an INFJ
  49. I appreciate a good true crime podcast
  50. i am an entrepreneur
  51. and a contemplative
  52. i am writing a memoir
  53. I love watching hockey games
  54. and candlelight
  55. solo walks and glory bowls
  56. and salad gardens
  57. I am 57 today

= –