Remembering 2021 – Dec 1

It is that time of the year again. Time for self evaluation and reflection. Every year I use the month of December to take some time to pause and reflect on the year just lived. I have a series of questions and prompts I work through in preparation for resetting the sail for the new year. I invite you to join along. You can share your answers or not. I encourage you to write your answers down. Some questions will be light and breezy. Some will ask you to dig a little deeper. Some you may choose to dismiss.

December 1

Word – did you have a word for 2021? How did it impact your your days? Did you use it as an anchor? Do you even remember it? Is your understanding of the word different at the end of the year, than at the beginning? Did it help you?

My word for 2021 was Bridge. I wanted to be one. I wanted to cross one. It definitely percolated in my subconscious and I became aware of the word in literature and poems and quotes. It was not the most accessible or intuitive word for me. It did not always resonate. I think I did become a bridge for some people in my life.