Friday Gratitudes

• Millie (featured above) was lost and is now found

• Meeting with the book illustrator today and talking about colour and design

• Phone calls with my sisters

• Pizza night tonight

• Shelter – I am acutely aware of the fact we have roofs over our heads and warm beds to sleep in.

? ? ☎️ ? ? ?

This week had been both exciting and challenging. Fraught. That is a good word: causing or affected by anxiety or stress. The collective anxiety and stress of the pandemic is palatable. Our case numbers are lowering but, there are rumbles of covid variants that are more easily transmissible and we are losing people in the hundreds every month to the opioid crisis. We all have our stories and stuff. What I know to be true is that there are glimmers of light, delight and hope. We just need to look for them. We need to practice looking. What are you grateful for this week?