Friday Gratitudes

• Brave me – took a big step today – more to come

• Sunny ☀️ skies – sunshine in January on the west coast is the gift of all gifts

• Therapy – it is not what I expected, but it is so good, hard but good.

• my support team of encouragers, friends, family, all you’all

• Notes from the past – I have been rereading and perusing old journals and discovering all kinds of wondrous messages

? ✏️ ? ✏️

Things are about to shift into a new gear. I am grateful for these first weeks of January to prepare for new projects. The weather has been incredible and I have been savouring the sunshine. Shoring it up. The snow is coming. Tomorrow. I took an online course 10 years ago with @andreascher – Mondo Beyondo – I found my list of all the things I was dreaming of at that time. Fascinating to see what was realized and how I have changed. What are you grateful for this week? Be specific.