Remember 2020 – Dec 7

“The activity you’re most avoiding contains your biggest opportunity.” ~ Robin Sharma

What have you avoided doing thus far? Why do you think you are avoiding it? Is there a benefit to doing it; what would it look like if you crossed the task off your list? How would you feel? Maybe, you no longer have to do it.

I have been avoiding releasing my inaugural self awareness / photography course. I am stuck in the weeks of the processes. Which then causes paralysis on finishing the content. Self limiting fear that it will be of no value definitely plays a roll. Which is bullocks because, I know it has value. I know the work is true and solid.

The other project is my children’s picture book. I have been carrying the idea around for almost two years. I need an illustrator. I also, need some help with the structure. But, I am going to set up a meeting in January with some people who can guide me.

It would be so great to get these two projects out into the world. I am bolstered by the success of my calendar this year. I had a vision, I implemented it, I began and I asked for help. These two new projects are no different. This would be progress.

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