Remember 2020-Dec 10

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”
― Judy Garland

Write down a list of things about you. If you are 20 – make it 20 things. If you are 30, make it 30 and so on. I do this on my birthday every year. It is wonderful time capsule of how you see yourself.

1. I decided to stop dyeing my roots this year

2. This is the first time I have not held full time employment since my children were in preschool (covid)

3. I am the mother of two 25 year olds

4. I still talk to both of them

5. I am a photographer

6. and a writer and I know I have two books in me

7. I love funky reading glasses and they will be my new thing – to go with the silver hair

8. I drink my coffee black

9. My 2021 calendars sold out this year

10. My mum was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of covid, less than a year after my dad died

11. I have blue eyes

12. I am waiting my 23andme DNA testing results

13. I am a settler living on unceded S’ólh Téméxw (Stó:lō), W̱SÁNEĆ, Kwantlen, and Stz’uminus territories

14. I am a good heron spotter

15. I have made a commitment to move my body everyday

16. I believe in solvitur ambulando (it is solved by walking)

17. I am a fair weather walker

18. So I also ride a spin cycle (not a pelaton)

19. I am sober curious

20. I am the eldest of three sisters

21. I am the wife of one

22. I was finally able to finish a book this year

23. I love the netflix series The Crown

24. I enjoy a good winter ale, but they are few and far between these days

25. I miss hockey

26. I miss eating dinner with friends

27. I want to move to the Kootenays, as soon as I can

28. I love my blundstones

29. I wear jeans with dresses, but I have not put on a dress in a long time

30. I wear boots with tights and dresses, but see above

31. I own one pair of fluevogs

32. I have had a nose piercing since I was 45

33. For the last 11 years I have chosen a word of the year, this year was peace

34. I like big, chunky rings but, rarely wear my jewellery these days

35. I have to modulate my sadness

36. I am a Life Coach teaching people to look for the light, to stop and notice things, to live proactively and NOT by default

37. I am going through a bit of a dark night of the soul and I miss my faith

38. I love peanut butter cookies

39. and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and frozen York Peppermint Pattys

40. I take a magnesium salt EO bath almost every night

41. I love to write letters

42. I picked up a basketball for the first time in over 25 years this summer and loved it

43. My current favourite sparkling water is blackberry

44. I go to therapy

45. I have discovered compression socks and wear them when I exercise

46. I love memoirs

47. I drive a Jeep and I love it

48. People who drive slowly in the left lane and do not pass drive me bonkers

49. Sadly, I am only fluent in English

50. I no longer enjoy making dinner

51. Wheat products do not agree with me

52. I love a good piece of rye toast, with egg or peanut butter or avocado

53. I have a Happy Light and use it in the dark winter days

54. I am thinking about buying a rose corduroy dress

55. The Paper Mate Flair tip pen is my current favourite pen

56. I am 56 years old today