Remember 2020 – Day 1

My word for 2020 was/ is peace. I consciously had to find ways to cultivate peace this year. But, years of training myself to pause and find the light helped me to carve out intentional moments of peace in midst the chaos of mum’s cancer diagnosis, covid19, job loss, and other huge sadnesses. Mornings in Kimberley, walks in Oliver, Heron spotting in Langley, and beers on the deck. Playing crib. First with mum and then with Mr W and my son. Laughter and ocean views in Ucluelet. Picking up a book and finishing it. Finishing out the year with intentional visits with my daughter and early mornings in the light of the simply decorated Christmas tree.



Remember 2020 is a series of prompts delivered in the month of December to encourage you reflect on the year we have lived and orient yourself to 2021.

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