Friday Gratitudes

• Continued conversations with my two young adults, hard conversations but, grateful we can talk

• For all the people who have bought my 2021 calendars so far; I had a vision and with help produced something I really love and want to share with my community

• For these crazy cats who live with us now; for the distraction and entertainment they bring to our days

• Blueberries in the freezer ?

• Baking cookies with help; so much faster and easier with 4 hands instead of two

?‍⬛ ? ?‍⬛??‍⬛??‍⬛??‍⬛??‍⬛??‍⬛

Here we are, Friday again. Last weekend in November. There has been a lot of talk about gratitude lately. The practice of gratitude is training to look for the light; it does not mean there is no darkness. But, we look for beacons to sustain us. What beacons of light sustained you this week?

Tell me in the comments.