Friday Gratitudes

• resh hair and Being bold enough to chop chop about 5 inches off the ends.

• Essential oil infused Christmas cards (it is something I just learned to do)

• My book of lists: books read, to be read, inspiring quotes, new music and favourite things

• Mum’s little trip to Emerg last night was not serious

• Getting up a half hour early to enjoy the outdoor lights. Normally we wait until Nov 15, but this year is hardly normal.


How was the week? The practice of Friday Gratitudes gives you an opportunity to check in with yourself and appreciate the bits of light in your life. My week was a bit edgy and there were moments if tension and release. I am acutely aware of this privileged window of time I am currently experiencing. I feel the pressure and expectation to DO SOMETHING and yet, recognize it is a season of rest and observation. What are you grateful for this week?