Friday Gratitudes

• For the space to learn new things this week. For Ta7taliya Michelle, Amanda and Ta7taliya Paisley and the program Decolonize First: for the opportunity to learn and unlearn. For the good folks that run the Active Hope workshops and for Joanna Macy

• For the opportunity to release Remembered 2020 into the world and the enthusiasm it has received

• For the loveliest visit with my daughter on Tuesday

• For the slow lessons and wisdom to sit in and through discomfort

• For my new hoodie and wearing my mantra on my heart.


Oh my gosh. This week. And yet,still this week. My sadness was pierced with moments of clarity and brightness. It was like looking through a camera lens and having an image snap into focus. And here is the thing, the more we practice looking the longer the image stays in focus. Right? Right. We just need to keep doing the work. I am here to help.


What are you grateful for this week? Be specific. Tell me in the comments. ????

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