Friday Gratitudes

• e larger collective of women: the writers, the makers, the artists the gatherers, the listeners, the teachers,

• for the gift of a warm bed and shelter from the rain and wind

• for my new winter tires

• for my happy light and a room of my own

• for blank pages and the privilege of silence


It has been a hard week. Harder than usual. The news cycle is relentless. We are failing each other. Injustice and grief at every corner. And yet, there have been glimmers of light and hope. I am profoundly aware of just how fortunate I am. I am also profoundly sad a good measure of my days. I can be both. I am learning that this is just the path I may have to walk. To live in sadness and find the light. I am also realizing with clarity that this is also my calling. To share and teach people to look for these glimmers. It might just be that simple. To live proactively, not by default. What are you grateful for this week? Be specific. Tell me one thing in the comments.