Friday Gratitudes

• Waking up and being at the perfect temperature; I am not usually one for lingering but this morning I savoured the moment.

• Picked up a new phone case in the discount bin.

• I slept in our tent ⛺️ in the back yard

• Introduction to a new portrait artist here on IG – I have such reverential respect for those who can create

• A meal with my two sisters


Is it just me or does August feel like it is on fast forward? July was expansive, with glimmers of hope. August seems rushed.

There is a list of things to do, to prepare and the days tumble and crash into one another. It could be that I am staying up later due to the heat, which means I am getting up later so my routine is off. I have less time in the morning to think. What are you grateful for this week? Be specific.