Friday Gratitudes

1. Electronic banking- especially on rainy days

2. Tiny space heaters and small home offices

3. Silence – the privilege of sitting in the quiet

4. Therapy – it is not what I thought and it is just what I need

5. My library – so, so grateful that we can order and pick up books again: the list has gotten longer and I finally have the capacity to focus and read again.

? ? ? ? ? ?

So. It is officially first weekend of summer and it is miserable. Cold and wet and downright unpleasant. Sunshine is but a memory and a hope today. Do I sound overly melodramatic? I am very sensitive to dark, dreary days. Up ‘til now, the weather has been the least of my concerns. I am surrendering to the rainy day: I have a book to finish. I have some writing to do, no better time to do both. What are you grateful for this week? Tell me in the comments.