Friday Gratitudes

1. Mum’s oncologist is bright and approachable,and mum will embark on a treatment journey that may give us a bit more time. Mum is charge the entire way.

2. Listening to the radio with my daughter as I drive her to work

3. Despite the predictions of rain every day, we have had a few sunny early evenings on the deck

4. Peanut butter cookies

5. The last of the peonies – this is the end of the season. I was here for all the glory.


Today I will catch up on my thoughts, because you know I have a lot of them! Phone calls to make, menus to plan. There is a definite shift as we approach the end of June. Grateful for the privilege of silence and time to be by myself. What are you grateful for this week? Be specific. Tell me in the comments.

Photo is of my peonies using the @distressedfxapp

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