Friday Gratitudes

1. A week at home – sleeping in my own bed; watering + weeding my own garden, deck time with Mr W

2. Pre-emptive gratitude for my rescheduled session with therapist tomorrow

3. My son made risotto last night and it was delicious

4. The comfort of familiar music – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,the Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel, Johnny Cash, the Great Lake Swimmers and the Indigo Girls

5. A sale! (I miss the adrenaline rush of a completed sale)

6. the walks between the (rain) drops – solvitur ambulando – it is solved by walking – this phrase / concept came into my life this week

?The bricks keep coming. Bricks to the head, the chest, so heavy at times I can barely breathe. It is alot. Too much at times. Yet, here I am. Something about this gratitude practice keeps me in the game. It is something. I miss my faith. I miss the certainty I once had. I hold onto the hope there are others who are more certain and I covet their prayers. Onward we go. What are you grateful for this week. I would love to know.