Remember 2019 – December 7th

December 7th 


“The activity you’re most avoiding contains your biggest opportunity.” ~ Robin Sharma

 What have you avoided doing thus far?  Why do you think you are avoiding it? Is there a benefit to doing it; what would it look like if you crossed the task off your list?  How would you feel? Maybe, you no longer have to do it. 

I am avoiding heading into my office and tackling filing and paperwork. I finally finished our passport renewals. I pay our bills online; so there is less filing and organizing than ever before but, still I just toss it on my desk. Business receipts and tax prep. Eye glass prescriptions and customer orders. Old stationary, and essential oils. Anything I deem important. I always feel much more like an accomplished adult when I organize my papers. I like that feeling. I need to capitalize on that feeling and use it to motivate myself before Christmas.