Remember 2019- Dec 29

“Be tenacious. The world will change, things will go wrong. Life is messy.” – Ann Sherry

What do you consider your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it?  Or maybe you do not see them as mistakes.  

A couple of times this past year I did not listen to my gut; my intuition; my instinct and in both cases I did not fare well. Even as I was discounting the urge to stop and listen – and knew better; I plowed through. And it pretty much blew up in my face. Remarkably I survived a rather traumatic and freak auto accident. But, the lesson was learned. It was a harsh reminder to heed the gut; the sixth sense. A reminder because for most of my life my intuition has been strong and highly attuned. It has rarely failed me. It is a muscle and the more you use it; the stronger it gets.

It is definitely something I will be working in this year.