Remember 2019- Dec 21

“Tears come from the heart, and not from the brain.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

What made you sad this year? Why?

This year sadness hit me like a tsunami. The loss of my father caught me off guard. I mean, I knew his death was inevitable but, navigating the decline and the myriad decisions and wanting to keep his dignity and desire for a good life forefront was such a heavy responsibility; not a burden, a privilege, a gift, and we wanted to do right by him. I hope we did. There is an element where I want to hold onto this precious sadness because it keeps those last days with my father close.

And then a new sadness revealed itself to me this past August. One that eclipsed those sad moments of the last days with my dad and changed everything. And this is where we are now. Mostly my days are varying degrees of sadness; with glimpses of light. It is as the years of practice of #findthelight and #fridaygratitudes were preparing me for this time. To look for light amidst the darkness- because it is there my friends. It is there.