Remember 2019-Dec 14

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

What was your  best meal? Who made it?  Were you alone? Were you at home?  At a restaurant? A guest in someone’s home?  What made it memorable? Was it a recipe? Have you tried to recreate it?  Have you had it more than once?

Best Meal? I cannot think of just one. Meals with loved ones are the most poignant and meals remembering loved ones. Indian food on day we laid my father’s ashes into the ground. Dinner after my daughter was released from the hospital and home for a few days. Breakfasts at the Hume Hotel in Nelson with MrW.

This year I have a heightened awareness of the fleetingness of time. Moments are gifts – shared meals can be seared into consciousness to tap into later. ❤️