Remember 2019 – Dec 12

For people to be able to sit down together and have a conversation, that’s the power of love. ~ Jada Pinkett Smith

Did you have a conversation that influenced you to take a decision?  Who was it with? What was it about? Were you a willing participant?  Or was it more like a lecture? Did you make any changes to your life as a result of the conversation.

I feel like almost every day hard conversations were had. Conversations where life and death are discussed. Maybe not overtly but, connected. It is definitely tough going being present to those conversations. Also, to know when enough is said and to allow the time to process the information/ thoughts/ emotions shared.


Then, there is the professional talkers. The benefit and gift of talk therapy has certainly helped me to deal with the tsunami of grief in my life. It has helped me explore some new paths.


I am also extremely grateful for a group session that I could drop in unannounced and sit and know I was in a safe and empathetic place. Empathy is everything.