Remember 2019 -Dec 10th

  1. My father died this year
  2. I am the eldest of three sisters
  3. Wife of one
  4. Mother of two
  5. I still love my coffee black
  6. I wear a-lot of black
  7. I bought dansko clogs for the first time this year and I love them
  8. I am a photographer
  9. And a writer
  10. I love silence
  11. And music, this year: the mountain goats, nick cave and the bad seeds, and the decemberists
  12. I have not read so much this year
  13. I prefer silver over gold
  14. I have a nose ring
  15. I wear wool socks and boots in the winter
  16. No socks in the summer
  17. I still enjoy a winter’s ale
  18. I tend to drink red wine in the winter and rosè in the summer
  19. I own one pair of Fluevogs
  20. I am learning about grief
  21. I am writing a memoir
  22. I own my own business
  23. I love Papermate flair tip markers
  24. And new journals
  25. I love cheese
  26. And salad made by someone else
  27. I am a believer in IF
  28. I almost broke my leg
  29. I have never broken any bones
  30. I own a Jeep and I love it
  31. I like to support local makers
  32. I plan on retiring to the Kootenays
  33. My heart is full of sorrow
  34. I appreciate a good Purdy’s salted caramel
  35. And York peppermint patties
  36. Though most of the time I avoid sugar and carbs
  37. I love my crock pot
  38. I am Not convinced of the allure of the insta-pot
  39. I love magazines but rarely buy them
  40. I have less capacity for bullshit
  41. I love to share a laugh with my husband
  42. I would be completely grey if I did not dye my hair
  43. I am not prepared to go fully grey. Yet.
  44. I do love fresh hair
  45. I made a calendar for the first time this year
  46. I rarely eat meat these days, but have not fully embraced the vegan life
  47. I prefer chucks over vans
  48. I have difficulty praying these days
  49. I appreciate the prayers of people who can
  50. I want to start a podcast
  51. I love learning
  52. I look for the light
  53. I miss my friends
  54. I believe in the value of talk therapy
  55. Today I turn 55