November 2 #nablopomo

Grateful for:

calm conversation and a wee bit of laughter with H :: annie’s mac and cheese :: naps in the middle of the day



Other things I love right at this moment in time:

This incredible autumn ? weather. My son’s cats: Millie and Luna. Winter ale. My adidas trackpants. Blackberry Tangerine sparkling water. Black coffee. Roasted cauliflower. Nick Cave’s new album Ghosteen. The twinkle lights in my sunroom. Sorting through old images for my December project. Quotes. Silence. Wool socks. Watching hockey. Journaling. Taking photos. Remembering dad. Flannel sheets. Borrowing library books. Flair tip markers. Postage stamps. Hot baths. Making lists. Using what I have. Cornbread. Did I mention naps?