Friday Gratitudes

1. Hanging out with Mr W – having a partner with whom you can just sit and be with is everything

2. double payday

3. Friends who lend books

4. An extension on the borrowed car situation because my Jeep is still being repaired

5. The space heaters at my day job

6. The courage to create a calendar to carry on the Kemes custom



Last week of November folks. I love December. Full of anticipation and twinkling lights and gingerbread and indulgent hot bevies… wool socks and list making and photography challenges and self-evaluation time. Plotting and planning new projects and acknowledging the last years partnerships.


This year I will enter December slightly more tempered. Sadder. More reflective. Time to start thinking about what the word for 2020 will be?


Reminder you can sign up for #remember2019: 31 days of prompts designed to help you reflect on 2019 and create awareness and give you some direction for 2020.