Friday Gratitudes

• I am ALIVE – not wanting to sound overly dramatic but, the reality is I could very well not be

• My leg is not broken either – another miracle

• The sunshine and crisp days – bonus autumn weather

• My son is temporarily at home and willing to pick up the meal planning/ and executing

• Easy access to medical care – although hoping I do not need to go back to hospital anytime soon

• Friends and clients who have reached out to check on me

I could probably list 5 more…. A couple of thoughts… maybe I will upgrade to a daily practice of posting 3 gratitudes through November. Double down so to speak.

I am now officially counting down the days to Advent. In my tradition- Advent begins Nov 15th. We turn our house lights on… save the interior decorating until Dec 1. I am going to work on my #remembering2019 project that will also begin December 1st! More info to come. ✍?

Officially create some intentions for November! Share them for accountability.


What are your grateful for this week? Be specific. Tell me in the comments. ???? I love reading them. ❤️