New Normals

Here is the thing: I despise vague posts where information is held back and the reader is left wondering. But, it has become apparent to me that sometimes we have to navigate messy, messy situations. Sometimes the story is not only ours to tell. Sometimes all you get is one side.

So my side is profound sadness. My life has been sideswiped by such profound sadness at times I can barely breathe . I am at a loss for public words. I look for pockets of light and beauty. I believe in the Resurrection; That there are lessons to be learned and reasons beyond my current capacity to understand.

I am also acutely aware of this sense that my entire life lived to this moment has been a training ground for what is happening now. I am so grateful for the practice of looking for light, for sitting in silence, and for the skill of self-reflection. For, understanding that physical exercise can help me breathe through tough times. That every single one of you has crossed my path for a reason and I thank you for being in my life.

I encourage each and everyone of you reading this to do the hard work. Look for goodness and light every day and appreciate and savour all the moments. Both the joy and the sorrows. Listen to music. Write those memories down. Hug it out. Weep if you have to.

Life continues. It is miracle. Really. But, It will never be quite the same. I have a new mantra: new normals. I hope you will walk with me as I discover what those will be. I would appreciate the companionship. ❤️

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