Friday Gratitudes

⁃ Pain meds make post op dental surgery easier to manage

⁃ Dinner with a good friend

⁃ Random encounter with my daughter

⁃ New book recommendations via photo challenge prompts

⁃ discovery of a new farm egg supplier close to home



Two days off from vigorous activity. My old self would be happy not to have to exercise first thing! My future self looks forward to tomorrow and getting back into a routine. That is progress for sure. Summer skies continue to be smoke free. Huge contrast to last summer. Last night was cooler too, so sleep came easier. What are you grateful for this week? ????let me know in the comments.

  • -A smiling joyful baby who is defying odds and surpassing expectations
    -The beauty of children growing older, growing wiser, and finding their passions
    -A world in which people love you even when you don’t know it
    -Being in peace

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