Friday Gratitudes #findthelight

1. Longest day of the year falls on a Friday. Blue skies = all the light

2. Friends who check up on me

3. The birds in my backyard – such a variety of species are visiting this year. Or maybe I am just paying more attention.

4. Sleep – I have been sleeping better and deeper

5. This cool app DistresssedFX – I love playing around with filters and am astonished at the loveliness one can create

This week was not the easiest one. Do I say every week? When will life be easy again? Is it ever? Is that something I should even aspire to? This weekend I will work on my 6 month self-evaluation … the turn of the season seems like it will be just the right time. What are your plans for the weekend? What are you grateful for this week. Leave me a comment.