Friday Gratitudes #findthelight

1. Payday – grateful for our jobs – that currently help us facilitate our dreams

2. Blue skies and warmer temperatures

3. Antibiotics-we do not take them often but happy we have easy access when needed

4. Google Docs – technology that allows my sister and I to work together, while being physically apart

5. Friends that make me laugh

Feel very practical in my practice this week. Last day of the month means it is time to take inventory and check in with myself. It has not been a typical month; I started with some audacious business goals that, had to be adjusted and literally set aside with my father’s deteriorating condition and ultimate death. So, now we negotiate how to move forward. My father was a doer. I want to make him proud and accomplish the goals I have laid out for myself this year. I also know that my heart has been ripped wide open and I can barely breathe some mornings. My penchant for bullshit is minimal. My vision is becoming even more clear and in focus. There is a deep clarity in my heart that, I must forge ahead.


What are you grateful for this week? Have you done your monthly check in?