Friday Gratitudes

  1. The big melt. It is going to be mess as all get out but, thankfully the snow is melting.
  2. A day off from the day job
  3. A stash of film
  4. Fresh flowers on my counter
  5. Finally, new wellness products being introduced into Canada – super excited to bring these to market

This was a crazy week.  The snow out here just wrecks havoc in our lives.  The westcoast just does not have the infrastructure in place to cope.  Getting to work and school becomes A THING.  Yes, it is beautiful in isolation.  But, I am not currently in a cabin, in the woods.

Working through the mess.  Reflecting on my word:  Resolute.  Sticking with it despite the temptation to throw up my arms in defeat.

What are you grateful for this week?