Remember 2018 – Dec 15th

Historically I have used the month of December to pause and relect on the previous year. I invite you to join along. Carve out a few moments to consider this question.  I highly recommend writing your answers down. Maybe read the question at the start of the day and write your thoughts before retiring for the night. Do all or do some.  If you are on instagram we can use #remember2018 or go ahead and tag me @ramonawildeman if you want to share your thoughts.

December 15th

What have you made this year?  What would you like to make but haven’t?  Do you have any unfinished projects? Why have you not finished them?  Do you want to finish them?

Hmm.  I started answering this question by writing a list.  I did not get very far.  I made a wicked cheesecake for several birthday events.  I have created this online project.  But, other than that my creative output has been limited.  I want to do more creative projects.  That has become clear to me. I have 6 unfinished books to read.  I do want to finish them.  I start one; then get distracted by a new book and put it down.  Not exactually efficient and probably not the most effective way to learn.  Also, unfinished is the decluttering of the household.  Post Christmas – will be an excellent time to continue that project.  So, my goal is to finish those 6 books by the end of the year BEFORE I start a single new one.