Remember 2018 – Dec 14

Historically I have used the month of December to pause and relect on the previous year. I invite you to join along. Carve out a few moments to consider this question.  I highly recommend writing your answers down. Maybe read the question at the start of the day and write your thoughts before retiring for the night. Do all or do some.  If you are on instagram we can use #remember2018 or go ahead and tag me @ramonawildeman if you want to share your thoughts.

December 14th 

What was the best meal?  Or maybe it was the most memorable?  Who made it? Were you alone? Were you at home?  At a restaurant? A guest in someone‚Äôs home? What made it memorable?  Was it a recipe? Have you tried to recreate it? Have you had it more than once?

I was privileged to have many good meals this year.  Hard pressed to choose one.  I would say the most recent meal for my birthday with both of my young adult children home with me was one of the best.  But, we also ate a very fine meal in Ucluelet with friends; and our own versions of chaurcuterie this summer were also lovely.    I am a big fan of sharing food that way.  The first meal at a local vegan restaurant Leef and Stem was also pretty fabulous.