Remember 2018 – Dec 12

Historically I have used the month of December to pause and relect on the previous year. I invite you to join along. Carve out a few moments to consider this question.  I highly recommend writing your answers down. Maybe read the question at the start of the day and write your thoughts before retiring for the night. Do all or do some.  If you are on instagram we can use #remember2018 or go ahead and tag me @ramonawildeman if you want to share your thoughts.

December 12th

What was the/a conversation that influenced you most?  Who was it with? What was it about? Were you a willing participant?  Or was it more like a lecture? Did you make any changes to your life as a result of the conversation.

Hmm. There were  several conversations this past year that had a major impact on my life.  Mr W and I clarified some decisions about the future.  I was leaning more one way; he was not feeling it.  So, we tabled the project.  We both have to be on the same page to make it work.

The last half of the year I have been listening to Mel Robbins on IG Stories and she has taken on the role of a coach / guide – inspiring me to continually check in with myself to ensure I am living the life I choose.  I invested in her journal and I will be using it to start the new year.

The other most striking conversations – were the ones with my coaching clients.  I enjoy listening and challenging people to chart new courses.  To dig deeper and give themselves permission to take steps towards a new goal or project.  I thank them all for the opportunity.  It made me realize that this is work I want to continue doing.