Remember 2018 – December 8th

Historically I have used the month of December to pause and relect on the previous year. I invite you to join along. Carve out a few moments to consider this question.  I highly recommend writing your answers down. Maybe read the question at the start of the day and write your thoughts before retiring for the night. Do all or do some.  If you are on instagram we can use #remember2018 or go ahead and tag me @ramonawildeman if you want to share your thoughts.

December 8th

Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going. ~ Tennessee Williams

Describe a moment where you found yourself truly present.  Full of gratitude. What was happening? Who was with you?

Catching the perseiod showers this  past August.   Grateful that the skies cleared just enough of smoke and clouds.  Viewing the perseiods brings back so many good memories.  I have watched the showers with my best friends, my husband, my children.  Basically anybody who wants to stay up late with me.  So there is that.  But, there is also the majesty of the skies themselves.  There is the anticipation of staying up late and waiting for the first stars to appear.  We were in the Kootenays this year.  My companion was a young lad, Jackson.  We whispered and discussed all the things while we waited for the stars to shoot across the key.

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