Friday Gratitudes

  • my son has found new employment – he is never out of work long – having a trade has proven to be a very good decision
  • music and memories – heard a song yesterday that fell out of rotation and it as if I have found a long lost friend
  • the Light – she is coming
  • my Jeep was repaired super quickly
  • fortuitous conversations – I am still astonished where one question opens up a well of possibility

I read a post in IG and the person noted that she put on a pair of glasses and she was astonished at how much better she could see.  It is a metaphor for us.  Life Coaching can be like putting on a pair of glasses.  It can help you with your focus.  If we see more clearly, we can navigate more effectively.  Would you like more clarity in your life?  Let’s have a conversation!


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