Remembering 2017 Day 23 #findthelight

Historically I have used the month of December to pause and reflect on the previous year.  I invite you to join along.  Carve a few moments to consider this question.

Day 23: What is something you loved, loved loved?  What is a product you can not live without?


For me the answer is EHT.  A supplement to belp with focus and clarity, and memory recall.  My son and I have been taking the product for about a year now.  Both of us believe it has made a positive impact in our ability to focus at work.  This autumn we did an experiment and we stopped taking it for about six weeks.  At first, I did not notice much but after about a month I found myself easily distracted in the afternoons.  Then, I recalled I had been off EHT for about a month. We have now been taking it again for a month and the best way to describe it is it as if you put on a new pair of glasses and things just snap into focus.     My son, who is 22 has said he will not stop taking it again.  He especially finds it makes a difference in his ability to stay focused in the afternoon.

EHT was discovered by Signum Biosciences out of Princeton University.  If you want more info you can read about them here.  If you want more info on EHT, message me.

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