Remembering 2017 Day 2 #findthelight

Historically I have used the month of December to pause and reflect on the previous year.  I invite you to join along.  Carve a few moments to think about this question:

Day 2:  What was the most important thing you learned in 2017?


This continues to be an ongoing theme or lesson in my life.  Intellectually, I have accepted and know that you cannot change people.  Even if you know, they would be better off not doing this or that; making this choice or that.  My opinions are just that my opinions.  If someone dear to me wants guidance, they will ask for it.  Unsolicited advice is rarely received well.  I KNOW that.  And yet the temptation to offer my HOT TIPS FOR LIVING remains strong.  I am getting better at keeping my mouth shut.  So, there is hope.

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