Remembering 2017 Day 1 #findthelight

Historically I have used the month of December to pause and reflect on the previous year.  I invite you to join along.   Carve out a few minutes to think about this question:

Day 1:  Word – pick a word that encapsulates your 2017 -or did you have a word of the year?  Why did you choose that word?  How did it shape your decisions?  Or did it?  Did you pay attention to it?


My word for 2017 was DECISIVE in all caps.  This was the first year I consciously carried this word around with me on any type of consistent basis.  If I caught myself hesitating, I remembered that my goal was to take action and to make decisions.   The result is that I moved over to wordpress, enlisted someone to help me with this website and myriad other decisions.  It has also motivated me to exercise more and make faster trips to the grocery store.  I will miss this word.

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